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Our mission is to provide distinctive, durable, high performance and quality garments to public safety and public transit professionals, as well as to workers of the various trades that require a uniform.

M&L offers a complete uniform program management solution which includes the selection of the wardrobe, on-site fittings, online order placement on our customizable ordering platform, management of inventories and allowance systems, and in-person after-sales service. We are a pioneer of the Canadian uniform industry and have been proven ourselves by successfully serving a wide variety of clienteles since our creation.


The initial choice of uniform must bring satisfaction and durability. We take into consideration our customers’ individual needs, which are translated into plans and actions for their best benefit. We offer the products best adapted to the customers’ needs and to their budget while keeping in mind their satisfaction and their long-term savings. Over the years, we have developed products that are adapted to the daily needs of our unique clienteles. Uniforms at M&L are viewed as essential work tools, and not only as garments. The thousands of professionals and technicians who are counting on us will testify to it.


Our team of experienced representatives, based in several locations across the country, is available to help you identify your specific needs. Our personalized approach allows us to offer you a uniform program tailored to the various requirements of your field of activities. In-person or web presentation of our products, quotes with detailed and personalized specifications sheets, on-site fittings conducted by our account managers and the creation of a customized online ordering platform are only a few of the services we offer. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, so we also offer in-person after-sales service whenever necessary. Our team at M&L is attentive to your needs and is proud to offer you a complete and personalized experience.


Everything we do at M&L is designed to ensure the excellence of our customer experience, from the time you select and order your uniforms up to delivery and after-sales service. M&L shareholders occupy key positions within the firm, and you conduct business directly with them. Our more experienced employees as well as those recently hired are sensitized to the concept of complete and lasting satisfaction. The team spirit which enlivens us through all stages of the order preparation process is a driving force leading to your satisfaction.

As a proactive company, M&L sets standards of operation and practices of sustainable development which meet or exceed environmental and ethical practices required by governmental and corporate purchasers.


A family business established since 1974, Martin & Levesque is constantly evolving and monitoring the latest technologies to remain a front runner in the Canadian uniform industry.

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